About Us



Our mission is to educate the whole child, in order to set in the child, a passion for life-long learning, and pursuit for academic and character excellence. Our goal is that every Raffles House kid will flourish into a vibrant learner, confident in his/her gifting, with strength and grace in his/her character.


We believe that children can learn and want to learn. Every child is unique and a gift to us. The first few years of a child’s life is significantly formative. As educators, our actions and words have lasting impact on a child’s life. Our teachers understand this important role and are caring role models for the children. Whole child development involves intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. A nurturing, cheerful, caring and safe environment for both children and educators is necessary towards achieving our goals for the children and for one another.


Active learning is carried out through learning centers and concrete experiences. This allows the children to learn, discover and explore through interactive hands-on experiences. Our goal is to inspire imagination and encourage exploration with guidance in reasoning and communication. Learning objectives are clearly defined and supported by enjoyable and creative activities and experiences. A good balance between learning through play and guided activities from Playgroup to Kindergarten helps the children to progress naturally both in depth and breadth of knowledge and skills.


We are looking for like-minded partners who share the same belief and passion in nurturing the lives of young children. If you believe in our mission and would like to explore a partnership with us, we love to hear from you. Email us here.

To teach is to touch lives forever.Anonymous

Teaching Opportunities

We are looking for passionate, dedicated and caring educators to join the Raffles House family. If you are interested to be a part of this dynamic team, email your resume to us now.